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Founded in 2013 by Pierre Tawk, a Lebanese/Belgian telecommunications engineer, GREYBELL is a software development company active in telecom, banking, retail, education, government services…

Miniscule in size, by international standards, we have been constantly on the rise since the beginning of the company’s history in Lebanon.

Our team has been going the extra mile in order to make up for the logistical difficulties that have arisen from the crisis, in order to ensure the continuation of a flawless service to our clients. On this note, slowly but surely, we are seeking to branch out of Lebanon to the Gulf Area, in the foreseeable future.


1. Web Development

2. App Development

3. E-learning


5. Telecom Monitoring

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GREYBELL’s history is intimately intertwined with iMONITOR since it was this app in particular that brought the company into being. Naturally, iMONITOR went into a lot of improvement, customization, and fine-tuning since its creation, and we are proud to have it as the company’s cornerstone. As the name gives away, iMONITOR is a cutting-edge, real-time, all-eyes-and-ears app that helps ensure smooth and stable business operations, identifying problems, and enabling early intervention and remedial action at the earliest stage.

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In my opinion, iMonitor is the ultimate monitoring tool for charging and VAS environments. iMonitor has served our business very well. It provides performance statistics in a graphical form for performance trending and troubleshooting from a historical perspective as well as real time statistics on the current performance of various services. Also, the ability to add new functionalities on the fly in a configurable manner is unparalleled. With the deployment of the iMonitor, we have been able better assure the various services in Charging system and VAS environment.

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