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An innovation solutions house started more than 11 years ago providing one stop technology services via leveraging 3 core

Advisory, Experience and Deep Technology.

Advisory, Experience and Deep Technology.


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Mawaridy, a platfrom developd for CRDP and MEHE in Lebanon, initially launched as a response for the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, it was developed to keep pace with the policy adopted by CRDP towards digital transformation. Today, it provides an optimal opportunity for teachers and students to benefit from thousands of resources that are assembled through the national campaign for digital resources, granted by educational partners, curated through the use of artificial intelligence, and produced by CRDP.

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OPM certifies that WIN, have successfully completed the first and second phases of the “Mawardy” educational project as per the agreed workplans. The first stage required the establishment of an educational platform for public and private schools in Lebanon that enabled learners to continue their studies via the Internet during the quarantine periods in 2020 and 2021, and also supported teachers with delivering their lessons and assignments to students and facilitated access to a large number of international educational content. The second phase was an advanced development of this platform, in which it became richer in local content by enabling the Lebanese teachers to upload their lessons to the digital library. The most interesting feature was the use of Artificial Intelligence in fetching thousands of digital contents free of charge for all classes and subject matters. In addition to a School Management System and other features that facilitate the communication between them both via the platform. WIN has proven that they are a professional and innovative company at all levels. WIN delivered the expected outputs, and we recommend them as a high performing company in the EdTech field.

Manal Rahal Oxford Policy Management

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