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Since its establishment in Lebanon in 2010, IET is specialized in digital transformation for education. Their mission is to make innovation in digital transformation accessible to all schools through the integration of solutions via EdTech partnerships on an international and regional level.

Their experience extends to over 1850 schools, over 60K TOTs and over 800K students have acquired their solutions in immersive interactive technologies and curricula applicable to innovation


1. Educational Mobile App Development

2. Digital Content Development

3. TOT Programs – Designing and delivering

4. Digital Transformation in Education

5. Maker Space and Interactive Classroom Equipment

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QITABI, 300 Primary schools , 400 Interactive Content Development Classroom including Mobile App, TOT, Curriculum Development Founded by USAID

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Promethean active boards were installed in several training centers namely the Ras Baalbeck LAF camp and the ISF academy in Aramoun. At each time, the delivery was on time and the installation was impeccable. Also the training on the active boards was properly and efficiently done. I am happy to recommend the services of iET.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs iET

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