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About Us

Founded in 2011 by Lebanese young professionals, driven by passion for the internet and online opportunities, we create secure, fast, high-quality solutions. We focus on improving your online experience and believe that the best innovation is collected from sharing and benefits you by making you an active member of real-life communities.
Sync Digital Solutions has worked with diversified client base from several government agencies, NGOs and big retailers across the region, which allows us to understand the varieties of workflows & approaches in different industries.
Sync carries a huge load so you don’t have to feel the weight. With years of experience, Sync is not a company. Sync is an industry.

Our motto: “Sometimes we automize and sometimes we customize but we always humanize”.


1. Mobile Development

2. Website Development

3. E-commerce & PPC Management

4. Digital Transformation & SEO

5. Digital Marketing & Social Media

Executed Project Description

FactCheck Lebanon (UNICEF):
Factcheck Lebanon launched in July 2020, as part of an ongoing collaboration between the Government of Lebanon and UNICEF. Sync created both a website and an app to provide public and media with access to correct information, explanations, evidence and clarifications. It serves to avoid misinformation and enhance public awareness, knowledge and trust in government.

List of Projects

• Lebanese National News Agency
• Earth Goods
• Assafina Beit Em El Nour
• Men Bayti la Baytak
• Discover Lebanon’s Heritage (UNESCO)
• Saifi Institute for Arabic Language
• The Central News Agency “Al Markazia”
• Abed Tahan – Electronic Catalog Mobile App
• Al Hafidh (Samsung Official Distributors in Iraq)

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What was the objective behind your collaboration?
I needed the help of a professional agency to launch a new online business. I sent my proposal to multiple agencies and received a bundle of ideas and logos from each. The creative team and design ingenuity behind sync digital solutions captivated my attention and pushed me to sign with them. Other than creating an amazing logo and setting up my business’ complete branding portfolio, I am still working with them on my continuous marketing campaigns, social media and online store development.
What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?
Aside from their top quality design and development services, their team of experienced professionals constantly enlightens me with sound advice concerning my business activities. They are truly a one-stop shop for any business that wants to take off and gain a competitive edge.

Kevin Chidiac Founder at Home Industries

What was the objective behind your collaboration?
The agency helped to deliver 2 top-class websites that suits our need and are now helping us in creating a DTC as well.
What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?
Samer and Jean have an intimate communication style. The process is never frantic, they are involved and active in participation. I’m happy with their project management. It’s very effective.

Chloe Koleilat Digital Marketing Manager at Transmed

What was the objective behind your collaboration?
To develop our new online platform and move forward in the retail digital transformation.
What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?
They were very helpful during all project phases disregarding the tough country situation and lockdown. The whole team worked hard to successfully complete their work on time. Sync management team were flexible regarding the changes requested from our side during the development and testing phase. Amazing collaboration with all concerned parties in this project.

Dalida Hajj ERP Manager and E-commerce project manager at United Sports of Lebanon / Nike official distributor

What was the objective behind your collaboration?
The agency helped to deliver a top-class website that suits our need for a new digital strategy.
What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?
They are very professional and dedicated to their job and I was able to reach them any time I had to.

John Doe Marketing Director at speedrent

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