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About Us

Digilab Solutions is a group of experts having acquired an international experience in Europe. We provide you with full services from analyzing projects, consultancy, managing projects and development. The satisfaction of our clients and the success of the projects we build are our main goals.
Our company has a proven record of developing solutions that suit our clients’ requests and needs. We deliver services on O365 and Azure Platforms, SharePoint Online and On Premise, Dynamics 365 and On Premise, web development, MVC and mobile app development.
Our team of experts have proven their skills in all delivered projects and services especially on Microsoft, Scrum and are PMI certified.
We offer you smart and simple solutions to your business. Our Agile methodology allows us to build together. The user is the center of our vision.


1. O365

2. SharePoint

3. Power Platform

4. Microsoft Azure

5. Full Stack development

6. WordPress

Executed Project Description

We have designed from scratch the intranet for the Engie Corporate DDSI under SharePoint 365 using a variety of webparts developed to display each team’s news, we created forms to add new projects and view existing one, web part for displaying weather details in each country the reams existe, hyperlinks (customized depending on the position and department of each user), a calendar for memorable events, employees’ birthdays (displayed depending on the team and department of each user), KPIs, information about each team and department, and details about projects each department is working on. We have also created a chatbot for real time chatting.
This Intranet is displayed in French and English. We have 4 experts working on that project and having experience in react JS, SharePoint, Power Automate , html integration and css .
The project was done using the agile methodology.
Tools put in use: SharePoint O365, SPFx (react JS, html, scss..) and Power Automate.
This Intranet was only made for the DSI of the corporate and it was a big success. Now the Engie group is considering the option to ask us to develop and deploying a similar intranet for the whole group (around 170 000 users).

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