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ITegrators is a technology company that works closely with small to medium-sized businesses and independent professionals to come up with customized IT business solutions for their work.

Our mission is to help you get results. We offer our clients The Total IT Solution. We can help you with all your Information Technology Needs.


1. Data Integration (ETL)

2. Product Ownership

3. Web Development (Cross-platform development)

4. Serverless Development

5. Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Executed Project Description

Created a custom CRM for our auditor team in the field. This has given us more management on what clients we are late in working on, and what clients have not been visited frequently enough. In addition to that, it allows our auditors to have a visibility on the financial situation of our clients, who has paid and who has not.
ITegrators has also integrated our old data (from COBOL-based system) into the new solution and has integrted with our accounting system.

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His creativity, work ethic, and vision are inspiring and I feel lucky to have worked with him. He has showed a high level of professionalism during our cooperation together.

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