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Established in 1990, EDM rapidly grew to become a leading company in providing Information Technology products and services to the growing and demanding Lebanese market.

Founded by a group of three ambitious computer and communication , EDM provides the business environment with the most advanced and efficient IT solutions, striving to meet and even exceed customersʼ expectations through continuous support; believing in a win-win approach for better results.


1. Software

2. IT and Infrastructure

3. Power, Solare and UPS Systems

4. Microsoft Business Solutions

5. Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Executed Project Description

Microsoft Azure: Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy your applications anywhere. Create your own unique cloud strategy. Achieve your short- and long-term goals with a proven cloud adoption framework designed to help you create and align your business and technical strategies.

Invent & ship faster
Improve your security
Optimize costs & save money
Migrate with confidence
Gain deeper insights into your data

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Professional Team with a remarkable customer service experience. Good product and turnkey solutions presented covering all our business aspects.

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