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About Us

Revotips is a Cyber Security & Digital Transformation company, Based in Lebanon, operating across GCC Region for more than 10 years. They design solutions to meet specific client requirements and needs, in addition to offering flexible engagement models.

Their services are designed to assist your business, improve its competence and performance, whilst reducing costs.

Their client base is diversified across industries. They delivered successful projects in fintech, e-commerce, tourism, retail, construction, and consultancy amongst others.


1. Cyber Security Consultancy

2. Digital Transformation

3. Cyber Governance, Risk & Compliance

4. Website and SEO Optimization

5. Email Security

Executed Project Description

A case of a company that got hacked. After the attack, Revotips provided required consultancy and direct assistance to bring the client’s website back online and have the advertising screens back live.
Moreover, an emergency compromise assessment was conducted to identify how the hacking was executed, specifically in order to determine how the attacker was able to upload images and text (deface) the website.

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We are very happy with our relationship with Revotips and the performance of their consultancy services. Revotips is extremely helpful and always there with a quick, accurate answer. They are very responsive to requests for new or expanded features and modules. We look forward to working with Revotips for years to come.

Ayman Darwish CEO Albannaoun

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