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About Us

PROW is at the forefront of the technology and digital revolution with a focus and mastery in the Cybersecurity, Information Security and Data Management realms. At PROW, we offer a wide array of solutions that encompass consultancy and advisory services, design and deployment distribution of info management based on big data platforms, systems and training implementations and much more…


1. Cybersecurity

2.Data Management, Orchestration, AI & ML

3. ICT Infrastructure

4.Data storage backup software

5.HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure)

Executed Project Description

PAM implementation for Ogero

PROW offers top-tier Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to control, manage and monitor. PAM solutions allow organizations to secure their operations from the risks associated with misuse of privileged accounts that can lead to security breaches such as Cyberattacks where hackers take control of accounts with access to sensitive data, Decentralized access management where access privileges are not updated upon employee resignations, promotions or downgrades, changes to roles and requirements, or Unsecure password management, where passwords are stored as cleartext on datasheets …

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